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Welcome to RealMoneyPokerApps.com. We are dedicated to bringing you accurate and detailed information about all kinds of poker apps, but our main focus is online poker software and helping you download the best poker games and poker software of all kinds. We also review poker video games and poker game downloads for all different platforms.

To get started quickly, below are a couple of our favourite sites as rated by our editors:

BetOnline Poker – Our #1 Poker Software

BetOnline Poker has been a leader in the online poker industry for over half a decade – especially in the USA online poker market. BetOnline is know for top-quality online poker software, a huge 200% up to $2000 sign-up bonus, and safe and reliable banking deposit options and cashouts. We recommend BetOnline to players all over the world as our #1 recommended site.

US Player Welcome

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  • 200% up to $2000
  • Use code: POKERNEW when registering.



#2  Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker is one of our favorite online poker websites because it accepts players from all countries and has a flawless history backing it. All new players get a 100% deposit bonus that maxes out at $1000. On top of that, the soft games at Bovada Poker remind us of the good old days of online poker. You won’t find an easier poker site than this one.

US Player Welcome

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  • 100% up to $1000



#3  Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is another US-friendly poker room that has a juicy signup bonus and an impressive amount of player traffic. This poker site operates on the Merge Network and accepts players from around the world. With a safe reputation and plenty of game selection, Carbon Poker is worth a look.

US Player Welcome

Special Offer:

  • 100% up to $600 Free
  • Use code: UPTO600 when registering.



Real Money Poker Downloads

We cover every category of poker software on PD.com, but the majority of our focus is on real money poker downloads. By downloading poker for real money play, you can connect to a poker website and play for money against real people. The first real money online poker game was hosted in 1998 by PlanetPoker.com (now defunct) and since then, the industry has exploded.

If you’re ready to try your hand at online poker, the first step is to choose a website that offers real money poker software. This software download will connect you with all the other players at that poker room. You can then play for stakes as low as pennies, or buy in to high stakes no-limit tables for as much as $100,000+. That’s right, there are actually real money poker downloads that will let you sit with six figures in front of you.

There are hundreds of real money poker game downloads that you can choose from, but you have to be careful when choosing where you play. When it comes to real money poker, safety is the most important aspect of all. If you look around RealMoneyPokerApps.com a little, you’ll see that we test all real money poker sites to make sure they are safe and free from poker spyware.

We also review the history of the online poker site to make sure it has a good reputation among its players. One of the greatest powers of the internet is how quickly information can spread. We use the internet, contacts in the industry and real players to verify that every real money poker download is hosted by a reputable poker room.

Visit the following pages to learn more about real money poker and for a full list of all online poker games:

Free Online Poker

One of the nice things about online poker is that free poker downloads are the norm, not the exception. Online poker sites do not charge anything to download and install the software. Poker rooms want you to try the software and get comfortable with it free of charge.

Play money tables are available at all the major poker rooms. The players at these tables are pretty reckless, but the tables are useful to practice your game and get the hang of the rules before you make the switch to real money. Most poker sites also offer occasional free tournaments with real money prizes. You won’t get rich playing free poker, but it’s a lot of fun and it’s great practice.

How to Choose the Best Online Poker Download

There are well over 100 different online poker downloads, and each one offers different features, graphics, bonuses, promotions, games, banking options, and support. All of these factors must be considered before picking the best internet poker web site.

If you had to go through each online poker website and compile all this data to compare, it would take you days. Luckily, we have already done all the hard work for you.  You can’t go wrong downloading any of the poker programs listed on this page, and if you have more specific criteria, then browse around this site and you will surely find your ideal online ‘poker download’.

Download Poker Games

You can download poker games online by visiting any of the recommend websites on this page. If you’re looking for real money poker games to download, we have a long list of recommended poker sites that you can choose from. Our top picks are listed above, but you can look around this site a little to find the online poker program that suits you best.

If you’re looking to download poker games of other types, we can help you there as well. There are all sorts of poker video games, poker training downloads and play-money poker games. In summary: if it has to do with poker and it can be downloaded, you’ll find all the information you need right here.

Most of the poker games that you can download today revolve around Texas Holdem. This is the most popular poker variant because it’s easy to play and it gets a lot of TV time during major events like the WSOP. Texas Holdem isn’t the only poker game out there, but it’s definitely the most popular.

A few download poker games offer games such as Omaha, 7 Card Stud, Omaha Hi-Lo and mixed games such as HORSE. These other poker downloads are worth a look because they can help you expand your skill set and become a more well-rounded player. If you’re a real money poker player, you’ll also find significantly softer competition in non-Texas Holdem variants.

Visit this page to learn more:

Top Poker Software by Operating System

Although many online poker sites have their poker client software available in both Windows and Mac compatible versions, there is a huge range in quality from one poker site to the next. The sites listed below are designed to help you find the best downloads for every major operating system.

Visit our rankings below for our individual recommendations:

Best Windows Poker

Best Mac Poker

Best Linux Poker

No Download Poker


Online Poker for PCs: Not surprisingly, PC poker downloads are the most common format for online poker rooms. The PC has the biggest market share and all poker rooms make sure they are compatible with personal computers. If you have a PC, you’ll have no problem joining any online poker site in the world.

Online Poker for Mac: Mac poker downloads have become much more common in recent years. In the early days of online poker, Mac users were pretty much left out in the cold. However, the popularity of Macs has surged and online poker sites have taken notice. Almost all the biggest online poker sites offer Mac-compatible versions of their software.

Online Poker for Linux: PC and Mac poker downloads are easy to find, but Linux users seem to have been forgotten by the online poker industry. Fortunately, we know of several great poker sites that have no-download software that works on any operating system. The only thing you need to run a no-download poker room is a connection to the internet.

Linux poker downloads are pretty much nonexistent to this day. The good news for Linux users is that there are still ways to play online poker. No-download poker rooms are open to all operating systems and they make it easy to get started. As long as your computer can connect to the internet, you can play at any no-download poker site.

No-Download Online Poker: No-download poker sites use your web browser to display the tables and show the games on your computer screen. The quality of no-download poker has improved drastically since the early years of online poker. Many of today’s no-download poker rooms are indistinguishable from regular poker downloads.

Online Poker Bonuses

One of the perks you get when you download a new poker room is a real money welcome bonus. Every poker room on this website comes with a significant deposit bonus for all new players. You can claim these bonuses by using special bonus codes when you first sign up. You can see a full list of the latest poker bonus codes on the following page:

Poker Video Games

Poker video games are a fun and cheap way to play poker when you can’t get to the casino or round up enough friends to host a home game. Poker video games are available for PCs, Macs and all the major gaming consoles. The most popular poker video games provide players with detailed graphics, realistic environments and challenging opponents.

You’ll want to remember that poker video games are a bit different than just downloading a poker room and joining the play money tables. Poker video games are designed to recreate the experience of working your way up, winning a tournament and playing under the pressure of a final table spotlight.

You can read more about poker video games (and read reviews) on the following page:

Other Types of Poker Downloads

Poker software is available to download in all forms. There are poker video games, poker strategy downloads, poker training software, poker odds calculators, and software that tracks your results and shows your winnings.

There is software that replays poker hands and points out what you did wrong, and what you did well. There are poker downloads that help you run poker leagues and run a poker tournament automatically, either at your home or at a casino. There are even strip poker video games, but don’t let the wife see!

Poker Training Software Downloads

Poker training software downloads have been available for a long time. I learned to play poker on Wilson Software’s Turbo Texas Hold’em and “Sidewinder Sid” back when they mailed me the software on a physical compact disk.

Wilson still has some of the best poker training software on the market, but now you can download the software, and even use a free trial before purchasing. Another great poker trainer option is Poker Academy. It has a high level poker AI and well designed training environment that can really improve a new poker player’s game.

Poker Tracking Software

Poker tracking programs are specialized programs that help real money poker players keep track of every hand played at the tables. These programs keep a database of hands from which detailed statistics can be collected, studied and used to improve your game.

Right now, there are two major poker tracking programs on the market: PokerTracker and Holdem Manager. Both programs serve the same basic purpose and both tools are incredibly powerful. Every serious online poker player owns a copy of one of these poker tracking programs.

Poker Odds Calculators

There are dozens of poker odds calculators for download, and they all calculate poker odds. (Surprise!) Some are much better than others and have crazy features, but my favorite is still the simplest and is free. Poker Stove is a calculator that allows you to input a range of hands and then compare that range of hands vs. your own hand. This is useful for real life simulations because you can rarely pin your opponent on exactly one hand.

Poker Wallpaper Downloads

Software is not the only type of “poker download” out there. We have several cool and funny poker wallpaper downloads that we have made, including our world famous “Bad Beat Kitties” that you have to see to believe.

We are always adding more poker downloads to RealMoneyPokerApps.com, so check back often for all your poker software and poker information.