Best Badugi Poker Downloads for August 2017

Badugi is a unique poker game that is significantly different than any other form of poker. The game first appeared in Asia and has since spread around the world. Badugi poker is still a growing poker variant, so only a few poker rooms offer real money Badugi poker downloads.

You can find a Badugi poker download at any of the following poker rooms:

PokerStars Badugi Poker Download

PokerStars was one of the first poker sites to offer a Badugi poker download. As a result, PokerStars has had enough time to generate a pretty consistent player base at its Badugi poker tables. PokerStars spreads Badugi cash games at all levels and also provides a good number of Badugi tournaments. With a hugely positive reputation, PokerStars is always a great choice for real money poker.

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Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker has a special section in its poker lobby dedicated to real money Badugi. The tables here range in stakes, but the majority of Badugi poker games here are played for small stakes. Carbon Poker has always been known for offering a big variety of games, so Badugi poker players tend to congregate here. If you sign up for a new account at Carbon Poker, you’ll be treated to a generous welcome bonus.

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The rules of Badugi poker are sort of a mix between five card draw and A-5 triple draw. The game only uses four hole cards and the goal is to get the lowest hand possible with no pairs. The best possible hand is a “Badugi” which consists of four low, unpaired cards of different suits.

Best Badugi Poker Downloads

There really aren’t many options when it comes to Badugi poker downloads. Most poker sites do not offer Badugi because it is still a relatively unknown poker game. The good news is that the poker sites that do offer Badugi are popular, trusted poker sites. Even if more poker sites did offer Badugi, these would most likely still be considered the best Badugi poker downloads.

The best Badugi poker downloads will give you the greatest chances possible of finding active Badugi games. Most Badugi games today run at small stakes levels, but you will occasionally find higher stakes Badugi tables. Badugi poker tournaments can also be found from time to time.

Our favorite Badugi poker downloads are those with the greatest number of players. There are a few other poker sites out there that spread Badugi poker tables, but those websites don’t get enough traffic to keep the games going. Even the best Badugi poker downloads have a hard time filling up Badugi poker tables during non-peak hours.

You can play Badugi poker for free or you can play against other people for real money. The free Badugi poker tables usually stay fairly busy, so that’s good if you need to brush up on the rules or strategy of the game. The real money Badugi poker tables can be joined whenever you’re ready to test your skills against other real money players.

More good news is that the best Badugi poker downloads also come with other poker variants included. If you ever have a hard time finding active Badugi poker tables, you can join other poker games while you wait for the games to fill. These poker downloads also include games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and a variety of lowball poker games.

Safety of Badugi Poker Downloads

We only recommend Badugi poker downloads from poker sites that we trust. The above Badugi poker downloads are all offered by poker sites with which we are intimately familiar. We have downloaded these poker rooms to our own computers and can assure you they are free from adware.

Big poker websites have no reason to offer unsafe poker downloads because these large sites have to keep a reputation on the internet. As soon as the word spreads that a poker site suffers from security problems, the poker community is quick to blacklist that poker site. It only takes one slip-up for a poker site to fall from grace in the online poker world.